What Do I Do?


You may respond during an invitation at the end of a worship service by coming forward to talk with the Pastor or one of our church leaders.


You can contact the church office to schedule a time to meet with the Pastor or a church leader.


You can complete a CARE Card and place it in the prayer box at the Welcome Center or give it to one of our hosts.


You can sign-up for a Starting Point Class.



Joining the

Rocky Face Family

We believe that membership in a local body of believers is vital to our Christian life and growth.  As we learn to love the LORD and others, we have opportunity to grow in the Word and in our walk with brothers and sisters in Christ who can encourage and help.  The Church also provides a place where the family of God can serve one another and build up the body of Christ in ministry as well as cooperatively go into the community and the world in missions to share the love of Jesus and the message of the Gospel.  You can be a part of this life changing mission and be a part of the Rocky Face Church family in one of the following ways:


Profession of Faith and Baptism: Individuals who profess for the first time that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior join the church through their profession of faith and baptized by immersion.

Transfer of Membership: Individuals who are members of another Baptist church can request membership via transfer of their membership to this congregation. The church clerk will contact the other Baptist church for an official recommendation and transfer of membership.

Statement of Faith: Persons who are members of churches from another denomination may join upon their profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and upon acknowledgement that they’ve been baptized by immersion as a believer.

Baptism: People who are members of a church from another denomination but who have never been immersed as a believer may join the church by way of statement of faith and baptism by immersion.

Watchcare: These individuals are members of another church yet want to join our church family while they are living in our community. They do not want to transfer their membership from their church, but want to identify with our church family. College students and short-term workers in the area can use this membership option. While Watchcare membership allows for all the privileges of fellowship and worship, one may not serve in an elected position of leadership.